Peer Reviews Policy

  1. Every submitted manuscript will be selected by The Editorial Board
  2. Manuscripts that meet the standard writing criteria will be forwarded to the reviewers, while manuscripts that do not meet the standard writing criteria will be returned to the author without review process by the reviewers
  3. The manuscripts reviewed by reviewers will be returned to the author if they require improvement. After the authors make improvements based on the input and rating of the reviewers, then the author must submit the revised manuscript for re-reviewed
  4. The review process uses Double-blind Review, that is, the reviewer does not know the author's identity, and the author does not know the reviewer's identity
  5. The review process will consider novelty, objectivity, methods, scientific impact, conclusions, and references
  6. The decision whether the text is approved or rejected will be decided by the Editor in Chief based on the recommendation of the reviewer at the forum of the Editorial Board meeting
  7. Plagiarism screening will be conducted using turnitin, an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention commercial service.