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  • Journal of Islamic Health Studies

    Journal of Islamic Health Studies (JIHS) is a peer-reviewed journal published quartely in the field of health studies by the Faculty of Psychology and Health, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya. JIHS was formally founded in 2022 with the permission of a consortium of health lecturers from Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya, which includes Islamic health studies and relevant topics, particularly in the Islamic community. Dr. Zuardin is an Editor in Chief at the Journal of Islamic Health Studies (JIHS), Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya.

  • Indonesian Psychological Research

    Indonesian Psychological Research aims at a broad area of questions from theoretical and methodological domains of psychology, as well as applications of psychology to everyday life.

    We propose to publish original articles, reviews, actualities, preliminary methodological notes etc. Our goal is to provide psychologists and authors from related science fields the platform for the public presentation of their research findings, opinions or impressions about recent literature, and for another to offer the opportunity to acquaint the professional community with these findings and views.

    Indonesian Psychological Research is published twice a year (January and July), and submissions are accepted all year round.

  • Journal of Health Science and Prevention

    JHSP is an open access, blind peer-reviewed, biannualy (April & September) journal in the field of public health sciences and prevention. The aim of the journal is to stimulate dissemination of knowledge in the public health field in order to improve efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of public health interventions for a better community health outcomes. JHSP published by Health Science Consortium of State Islamic University Sunan Ampel Surabaya


  • Jurnal Penelitian Psikologi

    Jurnal Penelitian Psikologi (JPP), memuat artikel hasil penelitian empiris terkait dengan bidang psikologi, diantaranya bidang psikologi pendidikan, psikologi sosial, psikologi industri dan organisasi, psikologi klinis, psikologi perkembangan, psikologi agama, psikometri, psikologi terapan, baik hasil penelitian kuantitatif maupun kualitatif